Course Contents

Complete all the lessons and quizzes for a certificate and special gift from us at the end of the course.

  • 1

    Download and Installation

    • Before we get started - Download these images first.

    • 1) Choosing the right version of Lightroom to download.

    • 1.1) Lesson 1 Quiz

  • 2

    Lightroom Structure

    • 2) Understanding the Lightroom Structure - Catalogues, Folders and Collections.

    • 3) How to file your photos in Lightroom - Rating, Flagging, "Best of" Collections and Key wording.

    • BONUS VIDEO: Key-wording in Lightroom. How to make the most of this feature.

    • Lightroom Structure Quiz

  • 3

    Importing your images

    • 4) Importing photos from your memory card. Step-by-step.

    • 5) How to start a new catalogue from existing images on your hard drive.

    • 6) Your Lightroom Editing Workflow - Getting it right from the start.

    • 7) Choosing your "keepers". Which images are worth saving and which are not?

    • Image Import Quiz

  • 4

    Editing & Exporting

    • 8) Starting your first edit in Lightroom. The editing techniques you will need to succeed.

    • 9) Saving and exporting your edited images.

    • Editing and Exporting Quiz

  • 5

    File Types and Watermarks

    • 10) Understanding image formats: RAW vs JPEG. Which to use and why.

    • 11) Adding a watermark to your images for copy write protection.

    • File types and watermarks quiz