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    Alvaro Cubero's Guide to Costa Rica

    • Costa Rica - A Tropical Photographer's Paradise!

Pangolin Photo Challenge Judge

Pangolin Photo Challenge Judge

Alvaro Cubero

Hello, I am Alvaro, wildlife photographer, naturalist guide, and TEDx Speaker. Born and raised in Costa Rica, one of the most biodiverse places in the world, we can say that I was destined to become a wildlife photographer. I practice photography since 10 years ago and became my full-time job 5 years ago when I graduated as Naturalist Guide in the INBio (National Institute of biodiversity of Costa Rica) then I start to offer a full Costa Rica nature experience for other wildlife photographers and I then jump to do the same in other countries. Right now I manage in my portfolio almost 20 countries. I strongly believe that photography can be a tool for the conservancy.